Monday, January 11, 2016


Photo Credit: Carl Court, Getty Images Europe
When I posted my review of Blackstar on Friday, I couldn't scarcely imagine that my next entry here would be a memoriam of its creator. The accolades "legend" and "icon" are tossed around so carelessly these days that they come up short in describing someone who actually deserves them. Listening back to Blackstar, knowing what we know now (and with producer Tony Visconti's confirmation that is was Bowie's "parting gift" to us), the album takes on an elephantine new layer of meaning. No easy feat, that.

Upon hearing the sad and unexpected news this morning, I texted a buddy that
Photo: Sean Gallup, Getty Images
I knew would also be thinking about him. "I'm rarely affected by celebrity deaths," I explained, "but this one feels different." He responded immediately: "Agreed. I don't usually give it a second thought, but with him I feel like I lost an old friend." 

We weren't alone in this sentiment. The Internet is now justifiably awash in beautiful tributes of every imaginable kind, the abundance of which I'm not sure we've ever seen. Tonight we can all go to sleep knowing for sure that there is indeed a Starman, waiting in the sky.

Here's my barely-scratches-the-suface Bowie playlist: 

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