Monday, February 5, 2024


 In an EDM landscape where currently it's all about the drop, it might be difficult to articulate the late 90s-early aughts salad days of Kruder & Dorfmeister. DJs and producers were beginning to get some shine, but the music itself was still firmly rooted in the subculture.

I recall working in a busy office in 2001 where we passed around a CD (CD!) copy of "The K&D Sessions," burning copies (burning copies!) in our disc drives until the vast majority of the floor was bumping it out of their cubicles. This is only notable because the office was a record label where new releases (both ours and those of other labels) were both ubiquitous and easy to procure. Yet here we all were, grown adults, taking turns making bootleg copies of an album that was already three years old.

Vinyl of that release goes for nearly $100 at most record shops these days, and it's a testament to the technical and creative genius of the Austrian duo that a double-length DJ mix maintains it's hold on listener's imaginations some thirty years on.

As such, I was thrilled to stumble across this thirtieth anniversary concert on YouTube that heralds that heyday. The surreal mystique is still intact, and yet it somehow sounds more alive and vital than ever (and they peak with "Bug Powder Dust"...*chefs kiss*). If you value mood and surprise over bounce and bombast, do yourself a favor.

And it's still sounds office-friendly...for most offices, anyway.

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