Thursday, February 1, 2024


Winter in Las Vegas is about as brief and painless as one could hope for in the United States, but for the short few days it exists, our sun-drenched population really feels it, down to our bones.

It's one of those rare winter days right now in the Mojave desert, and as soon as the clouds rolled in, it put me right back in the space when I first kicked off this podcast a couple years ago. I don't recall exactly how I chose these tracks that afternoon, but I can surmise exactly how I was feeling; a sort of lazy, chilly joy. 


1 Malphino "The Sleep Tree"
2 Yellow Pills "Come Over And Eat Some Food"
3 Easy Star All Stars "No Surprises"
4 Easy Star All Stars "Great Gig In The Sky"
5 Khrungabin "Summer Madness"
6 Cymande "Dove"
7 Maynard Ferguson "Mister Mellow"
8 Chicano Batman "A Cool Blessing"
9 Azymuth "Montreal City"
10 Donny Hathaway "Valdez In The Country"
11 Baldwin Brothers "Lava Lamp"
12 Patchworks "Summertime"
13 Boozoo Bajou "Big Nicks"
14 Quincy Jones "Summer In The City"
15 Lonnie Liston Smith "Voodoo Woman"

Also streaming on Mixcloud, if you prefer.

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